Getting leaner

can you get abs by eating nothing but Chipotle chocolate and pop chips that’s a key to body die we’re gonna talk about that right now ?

what is up everybody its christian  from christian  nutrition and I remember when I was trying to search for how to get abs and how to lean out I would always go to Google and YouTube has searched the best diet and just see what people are doing I mean that’s very much what everyone does right through your searches you generally come across this guy his name is Greg o Gallagher from Kinobody and as with most people being that mean as Leena’s Greg is it’s cool for us people want to get that lean so when he came out with his diet of how he got to 5 percent by about how he gotthat lean of course people can be attracted to it kind of run you through the diet his morning consisted of a fast 

they had two coffees a kind of blood as hunger he would break his fast with a couple pieces of fruit then even have a triple steak Chipotle Bull pop chips and finish his night off with a green and flax chocolate bar that sounds pretty cool right that’s a diet that he falls to get to 5% body fat but will that work for you doesn’t even make sense well there’s a few things that you need to consider

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